Nutmilkbag made from organic cotton

start making your homemade nutmilk today!

what is it?

Bionootje's nutmilkbag is made from durable Organic Cotton.

You can now easily make your own homemade nutmilk or other plantbased milk! 

With this nutmilkbag you can start sprouting your alfafa seeds, soybeans and other legumes. Or even make your own healthy greenjuice without heavy equipments, such as a slowjuicer. 


The recipe blogs will soon be available in English!

Meanwhile check the pics :)


















Why do you need it?

Nowadays people love to drink different kinds of nutmilk. In coffeeshops you can substitute your regular latte with soy or almondmilk. In supermarkets you can find lots of different soy- almond- ricemilk.

But have you considered what's really inside the pack? If you take a closer look at the nutrient info, you will see it mostly contain water, chemicals ( food additives), refined sugar and only 2% of the key ingrediënt.


Start making your own nutmilk!

It's easy, fun to make and healthy!